In my life, blessings always seem to come pretty easily. Finding a husband, for example just happened. One day we miraculously met and then three years later we were married. It felt pretty straightforward and simple at the time, but these days I look around and the likelihood of finding a suitable spouse seems to be just as dim as winning the lottery. So now I am considered “blessed” by many.

Then there’s the whole having children thing. I had three in a row, hardly even “trying.” The last one we had when we were actually trying not to, and I am now constantly reminded how I am the most “blessed” person in the world because to conceive does not come so easily to everyone. It is very hard and in fact, impossible, for many.

Yet for me, my story has always been that these great things often fall into my lap, most of the time without me even asking for it. If I did win the lottery, I don’t know that I would even be that surprised. Scholarships, jobs, relationships, friends, I’ve been given it all, and the people around me celebrate these wonderful happenings again and again, calling me “blessed.”

Then a part of me smiles and agrees. I am greatly blessed. Incredibly and beyond measure. I can’t count all the great things that have come into my life and have brought me great joy.

But it also makes me a bit uncomfortable. It actually causes me to secretly squirm when people look at the things I have and stamp me as the “blessed” person as if there is some special and secret advantage I have that others don’t. It bothers me because inside, I am also thinking about the people who aren’t as fortunate. The ones who haven’t found the love of their life or the ones who have been praying rivers of tears for countless years for just one child and are still waiting. What about them?

Yes, I think about them a lot. Those who do NOT have, but are doing everything in their power just to hope and believe in God’s promises to them. Almost everyday they cross my mind because there are so many who are waiting for a miracle–their blessing.

But it’s not because I feel sorry for them or think they aren’t blessed due to their lack. No, not at all. On the contrary, it’s actually because I believe they are the blessed ones.

For the past month, my family has had the joy and honor of living with one of my dear sisters and her family. She is one of my closest friends, a true lover of Christ, a leader in the community. And she is also barren.

Her and her husband found out soon after marriage that she has a condition that makes it impossible to conceive children. It was a devastating discovery for them and very difficult to come to terms with. Yet before she learned of this physical ailment, God had promised her children from her womb. It’s been four years now and there is still no sign of this promise coming to pass.

And so what does she, what do I, what do we all think of her and this tragic situation?

Well, we say she is greatly blessed.

Blessed because although she has not seen the answer  to her prayers yet, she is waiting and she will not be disappointed. Blessed because God gave her a promise and He will fulfill it. Blessed because what was impossible with man is always possible with God. Blessed because what she could not get herself or through any doctor, God will abundantly provide at just the right time. And that is the clearest picture of how we are always blessed by God.

When things happen “naturally,” we tend to be fooled to think we can do things on our own, that we can work for and earn blessings, that things just happen to “fall into our laps.”

And yes, it has been a great blessing to have all these wonderful things in my life and I count each and every one of them a gift from God. But when I look at the ones who don’t have, like my friend, I know she is the one who truly captures the picture of what the word “blessed” means.

Jesus said:

“Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted……”

I can’t explain why some people get things so easily and why some people don’t, but I do know that the truth is, we are all, in a way, in need, and I, too, am also barren in a very real way.

We are all in a devastating state which we should mourn over with our inability to live rightly, our sin, our pain, our sickness, and all our impossible and tragic situations. Yet in Christ, we are ALL truly blessed as we are met by a God who meets every single one of our needs and our ultimate need for a Saviour in our lives. So yes, I am very blessed, and I am also reminded that not a single one of my blessings “just happened,” but everything I have are undeserved gifts from God because of His grace.

Thank you God for my dear sister and these difficult yet sacred situations which start with tears, but which you always use to unfold into the most beautiful picture of your great love. Now as I wait for the testimonies of the promises of God to come to pass in my life as well as in my friend’s and countless others, we thank God now for what He has already given us in Christ who is also promised to return to us one day very soon. We are children of promise and of faith and our hope is in the Lord.

We are blessed by you, Lord.


2 thoughts on “Blessed in Barrenness

  1. Amazing insight here. Honestly, I have largely forbid myself from using “blessed” now because of what it seems to say about those who “have not”. I couldn’t agree more with you about barrenness and those who suffer in their dependence on God (we all do, of course, but the pain is more acute for some than others). We all need His truth, guidance, and encouragement. Thank you for the reminder.

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    1. Hi Lauren! Thanks for the comment! This world seems to have so many imbalances and injustices but I truly believe God can use it all to show his goodness in one way or another. So that in plenty or in lack we can know His love!

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