Friends and family, today I would like to officially announce that I am once again pregnant.

Yes, again.

Danny and I are expecting.

But thankfully, this time around, I will not have to go through the agony of morning sickness, the back aching days of hauling around pounds upon pounds of extra weight, nor the emotional roller coaster leading up to and following birth. Oh and best of all, I will not be battered by a single torturous contraction in the pangs of labor.

And this is why.

Danny and I are indeed expecting, but the child has already been born.

We just don’t know where he/she is or even who he/she is.

Almost three years ago, I’ve been impregnated with a dream of fostering and adopting. It started small just as all fetuses do, and it hardly felt real because it was mostly just a thought in my mind and nothing substantial was in my hands. Yet over the weeks, months, and now years since that moment, we have nurtured this dream in our hearts, talks, and prayers, and it has grown so big and real that you can say I’m pretty much full term and ready to blow.

Of course this dream I know is not from myself nor a product of me and Danny alone. Rather, similar to the way the Lord knit together each one of our three beautiful offspring inside my womb, I know the Lord has also very intricately knit this dream within me, and this dream that has been conceived is now coming to life.

Now, after years of waiting for the right time to make a move, we are finally moving forward, and the first step for us is to move. When we had done our initial research and application into the whole process of foster care a few years back, we were told there was legally not enough rooms in our home to take on foster children (please refer back to my most previous post about my very full house) and so we were disqualified immediately.

Simple enough, or so we thought, but who knew it could be so hard to move. Financially, we were not in the position to move then, so we had to wait. But we have been actively preparing, or shall I say “nesting” every single day with the dream in mind by taking steps to get to a place where we can have a home big enough to welcome him/her/them in. Then just a month or so ago, we got some great news and are about to put our house up on the market. That’s one step closer to the birth of a dream I hope to see come to life in the very near future.

So you can say that I’m pregnant, or you can say that I’m not. Ok I’m not. Still, please pray for our family as we prepare a home for someone very special out there waiting for us to bring them in. We think of them as we move boxes, we think of them as we store away savings, we think of them as we see the empty seats at dinner. And again I am wrecked because I know that in all things, God has thought of me and you to make a way for us all to come home too and what an honor that we can do the same.


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